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First-generation Internet devalues creators and consumers alike. Creators can’t earn an equitable return on their work. Too much great content won’t get a chance in the market. Consumers are mined for their data. This is technology without a future.

Our peer-to-peer, community-driven network is fired up by soulful innovation, where technology restores the value of creative content.

TREETI believes that everyone has a place in this future. We support studios with tools to create their own custom media channels. We give authors new tools to create, distribute, and monetize their content. We reward consumers for the data they generate.

Welcome to the Internet of Value.


TREETI is socially activated viewing. It’s an Enhanced Video On Demand network that brings you the best in independent filmmaking, amplified by a rich social experience and a direct connection between filmmakers and audience. It makes it easy to discover great content, gives content authors control of their creative destiny, and rewards the audience for supporting filmmakers.


Our platform uses Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) and distributed IPFS file sharing to deliver large media files at 2000 MbPS. Transactions are processed in 5 seconds or less.


Every transaction is verified, permanent, and 100% secure. With us, you’ll always know you’re dealing with human beings, not bots.


Revenue sharing is instant. Pay your people, reward your stakeholders, support causes—all without losing revenue to third parties.


Sophisticated metatagging allow you to directly measure and respond to every audience interaction.


Turn your audience into promoters: TREETI empowers you to recognize, recruit, and reward fans.


Combine components to build your own custom network: crowdfunding, ratings, social engagement tools, and more.