Matej Boda


As Chairman, Boda oversees all of TREETI’s tech initiatives and product development with the goal of redefining how Hollywood creates, consumes, monetizes and distributes content.

Prior to founding TREETI, Boda was a co-founder of DECENT, a technology platform for which he created DCore, a fully functional open source technology (on which TREETI will run). He is also a co-founder of SophiaTX (a blockchain platform and marketplace for business applications and solutions).

TREETI recently branched off from DECENT when Boda decided to focus his attention on building a peer to peer network that will redefine how audiences engage with movies, television and more.

As a student at the Technical University in Bratislava, Boda studied applied mechanics and was offered a prestigious internship with BMW in Munich as a technical concept creator. He took a year off from school to participate before returning to earn his degree.

Spurred by his fascination for decentralized protocols, Boda gravitated to blockchain technologies in 2013. His initial interest was cryptocurrency mining, but he quickly became a respected supporter of the community through his various roles in helping organize events such as Vienna’s Central European Bitcoin Expo and the BTC2B Congress, where he advises on mining technologies and discussing future possibilities for the industry.

An avid kayaker, Boda currently resides in Bratislava, Slovakia with his wife and two children.

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